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About Us

Who are we?

SatchelPay is a European electronic money institution with a licence covering 31 countries, that was built in order to serve today’s needs for private individuals and international businesses. We provide one of the largest scopes of transactional operations existing on the market, making this service simpler than ever before.

Our aim is to allow people and businesses around the world to exchange money at the lowest possible rates, without any hidden fees, and with the fastest speed.

Wide range of partner banks all around the world

Our wide range of correspondent banks in Europe, Asia and Latin America, enables clients to load their accounts in local currencies and to send funds out in entirely different currencies at the real market rate. Every month we add more and more correspondent partners, making our solutions more advanced than ever before.

Speed it up

High speed, low cost, confidentiality, simplicity, variety of channels for incoming/outgoing payments – these are the basis of our leadership on the global transactional market. The days when transfers from point A to point B took days is over. SatchelPay performs the same operations within hours or even minutes.

Open account remotely

Wherever you are open your account with us right now and experience freedom of money movement!

SatchelPay accounts can be opened remotely within several minutes and can be loaded by various means, which include bank transfers, payment cards, a vast variety of licensed eMoney issuers. Clients can also request a virtual or plastic Prepaid card to have access to their funds 24/7.