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White Label Card program with a European Mastercard licensee

No need to develop your own IT and payment infrastructure! Get a ready-made Mastercard payment product directly from a licensed provider.

White label MasterCard card features

Your brand’s design

Tailor-made fees

and non-embossed


EMV, Magstripe

Open and closed loop


We’ve already taken care of your security

Card tokenization|3-D Secure|Fraud and risk management

Virtual and physical cards

The virtual card provides the same benefits as the plastic one, except you don’t need to wait or pay more for card issuance. Discover our tailored limits and other useful features for virtual card owners.

Physical cards

A great solution to control finances

Virtual cards

Use a virtual card for online payments and keep the details of primary customer cards safe.

For financial institutions and fintech startups

  • No limits on your first order
  • Your own white label card program within 2 weeks
  • No overpaying for setup and collateral fees
  • Full compliance ensured
  • Payroll programs

What are the steps?


Reach out and get an offer

We want to get to know you! As soon as we understand your business appetites, clients portfolio, business type and model, we will design a tailor-made solution that fits your particular needs.



We must make sure that our clients’ and partners’ activities are fully compliant. You will undergo a set of standard KYC procedures that will give us more insights about your operational structure. We will further continue to take care of all compliance matters for you, so you don’t have to worry about reporting to regulators and other issues.


Customize designRequires approval from Mastercard

As soon as the due diligence is completed, you will be able to start designing your future cards. Our team will help you implement your boldest design ideas and get them approved with Mastercard, which will take from two days.



At this point we will take care of the technical part of the deal, customizing the product to your needs. The White Label program doesn’t only give you access to APIs, but also the expertise of an entire team of programmers, system administrators and developers, who will do their best to make the integration process easy and convenient and provide the necessary consultation. The support will continue to be available after the integration is complete.


Final steps

This is the time for the final touch ups before your product is all ready for launch. In total it will take you about 15 business days to go from an idea to a fully operational fintech with the help of our professional team.

From ready made idea to fully operated fintech in 2 weeks