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Corporate banking tools to scale your business

Our complete service range allows our clients to streamline all the processes and get things done in a fast and effortless way.

With SatchelPay you get more than just convenient everyday banking:

Easy and fast start compared to a regular bank account

Unique European IBAN

Mobile banking with advanced UI

SEPA and SWIFT payments

Cards for everyday banking needs

Variety of API integrations with other services

Increased data protection

We have integrated a two-factor authentication process for login into the SatchelPay system, along with a 3D Secure technology. All the clients’ data is processed in compliance with PCI DSS.

Secure and reliable

When trusting us your money you can be sure that it will be safely stored on correspondent accounts with the central banks of the EU countries.

Promoting innovation

We always keep our eye on innovative developments and create our services using cutting-edge technology, which is fundamental for an ever-improving customer experience.

SEPA member

Being part of a pan-European payment scheme obligates us to respect a set of strict rules, which ensures guaranteed protection of customers’ funds.

Licensed payment institution

SatchelPay is a licensed payment institution that operates under the supervision of the Lithuanian Financial Supervisory.

MasterCard Europe member

The cooperation with MasterCard Europe outlines a coordinated process of cards issuance and imposes guidelines and rules that are respected by SatchelPay at all times.

Incorporating the company? Open an account with SatchelPay for shared capital Apply for account

International current account with a unique EU IBAN

Country borders are slowly disappearing, so why should you be limited to your local bank? SatchelPay offers one single account for all transactional needs of your company.

Payment cards

SatchelPay prepaid card is an ideal tool for instant access to your funds regardless of your location. Benefits include:

  • Virtual cards for online shopping
  • Unlimited balance on the card
  • Tailor-made pricing for corporate clients
  • Safe online payments with 3D Secure
  • Push notifications about your transactions
  • White label solutions

Streamline international transfers with SWIFT

Discover a simple and convenient way to send and receive money across national borders with SWIFT, the leading international payment network. Your transfers will be executed in a fast and secure way no matter where the beneficiary’s bank is located.

Discover and take advantage of the SWIFT payment scheme!

  • 38 supported
  • Execution time of
    2-5 working days
  • Transparent
    transaction route
  • Availability in
    over 100 countries

Take advantage of OpenX

Regardless of the size of your business, we offer you access to our open API, which will help automate payments, open new business tools and manage finances wisely.

SEPA Instant Payment

Free your payments from intermediary banks and processors. Payments arrive within 10 seconds along with an API message notification. No need to wait for the next business day to start, SEPA Instant Payment works 24/7, 365 days a year.

Intuitive Mobile Banking

With SatchelPay mobile app performing a wide range of transnational operations becomes as simple as never before. Download the app on your smartphone and use it for easy access to all your accounts, anytime and anywhere.

Our mobile app features:

  • Round-the-clock access to your account from your device
  • Real-time review of account activity and balance
  • Card top-up
  • Money transfers worldwide
  • Simplified sign in procedure with your passcode and OTP
  • Transaction history to keep track of your spending

White Label Solutions

Want to have cards and online banking branded in your company design?

SatchelPay provides access to its advanced IT platform and full product range under your brand.

White label program includes:

  • Payment cards
  • Card packaging
  • Online and mobile banking (for iOS and Android)
  • API integration
  • Tailor-made tariffs providing extra income from your clients’ activities


EU citizens









SEPA/SWIFT transfers

International clients









SEPA/SWIFT transfers

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