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Frequently asked questions

What is SatchelPay?

SatchelPay is a Lithuania-based company, regulated by the Bank of Lithuania as an Electronic money institution.

Why to choose SatchelPay?

SatchelPay is a unique platform for covering all transactional needs of private individuals and corporate clients.

This is Electronic money institution, where clients benefit from receiving and issuing pay-outs through various methods (e.g. bank transfer, payment card, various eWallets, etc.) at the highest speed and with lowest commissions.

Receiving funds and forwarding them has never been easier. Unique IBAN for every customer, wide range of loading channels, instant access to funds through Prepaid cards, solutions for transferring funds to almost any card of any bank within minutes 24/7, personal manager, as well as other benefits – make SatchelPay an ideal financial partner for any client.

Where are SatchelPay services available?

Our diverse and cost-efficient services can be accessed online. The pre-paid cards we offer, as well as eWallets, may be used for incoming/outgoing transactions in any currency, no matter the time or location. Moreover, funds can be withdrawn from ATMs in local currency.

Could I contact SatchelPay?

Yes. All contact details could be found at:

Is it safe to use the services of SatchelPay?

Yes, it is. SatchelPay uses a secure connection during the transmission of records to servers and encrypts all personal information which is stored. Cooperating with us, purchaser may be completely tranquil for the safety of his/her data.

How to open an account with SatchelPay?

Opening an account is easy and fast. Personal visit to SatchelPay’s office is not required. Private or Corporate accounts may be opened online in a few steps. All you have to do is click “Open personal account” or “Open corporate account” button on our main page and fill out an application form.

How soon will an account be opened?

It usually takes no longer than a few minutes to complete Private account opening process. Procedure of opening Corporate account is longer – it usually takes between 1 day and 2 weeks, depending on type of application (Standard or Express).

What is a minimum age for opening an account?

Minimum age for opening an account is 18 years old. Persons under this age cannot apply for the service.

In what currency may I open an account?

We offer payment accounts in EUR, USD, GBP, as well as in PLN. Every customer possesses the right to open several accounts in different currencies.

What are the ways to load my account?

Process of loading previously opened accounts is very simple. At the moment, the following methods are available:

  • Bank Transfer;
  • Payment card;
  • Alternative payment mechanisms.

Moreover, we add more and more channels of accounts loading and make this process extremely comfortable for private/corporate needs.
Please, note that our company assigns a unique IBAN to every client in order to allow senders transfer funds toward client’s private or corporate name with the relevant IBAN.

Can I send money to third parties?

Yes, you can do it.

How fast can I transfer funds from a SatchelPay account?

An outgoing transfer made from a SatchelPay account usually reaches the beneficiary within several hours. We are expanding our wide range of partner-banks and such kind of cooperation allows transfers to reach beneficiaries in more countries with a higher speed.

Could I receive money from third parties?

Yes, it is possible.

I want to be paid by a person or company, which has no SatchelPay account. Is there a way to do it?

Of course. You only need issue an invoice to the party you want to be paid by. Any individual or company will have an option to pay your invoice via a bank transfer or a credit card. The funds received from this transaction will be deposited on your account.

How to withdraw money from my account?

Money can be withdrawn through the use of a payment card, or through an outgoing bank transfer.

Are there fees for outgoing transactions?

Fees for outgoing transactions depend on whether you are a private or a corporate client. SatchelPay provides all fees at:

How can I save with outgoing transactions?

You will save significant amounts if you invite your friends, relatives, and partners to use SatchelPay and exchange money with them within one single system.

No fees are imposed on transactions within our system between private individuals. Corporate entities pay internal fees, which are significantly lower than the ones on outgoing transactions worldwide.

How can I invite someone to use SatchelPay?

There is an option in your online banking system through which you might recommend us to anyone who would be interested. Additionally, you may leave us the name and personal/company contact information – we will send an instant invitation via email.

Then you will receive a commission for everyone who opens an account with SatchelPay from your link.

If you are a corporate body, please contact us at For our approved professional business partners, we have special programs for client introduction.

How to request a payment card?

You can request the respective card after providing complete set of necessary documents, with the help of which we will conduct identity verification procedure.

Could I receive a payment card without opening an account?

No, because in order to receive a payment card or any other service of SatchelPay, you need to have a private or corporate account opened.

How long does it take to receive the card?

Usually cards are ready within 3 business days. Postal mail delivery takes about 5-20 days. However, if you need your card delivered faster, you can order an express delivery service for an additional fee.

Could I request multiple payment cards for my account?

If you are our private client, you are entitled to only one card in one currency. If you need several cards, please acquire additional cards in different currencies.

If you are our corporate client, you can request any number of cards for your employees, partners, customers, etc. who will become holders of these payment means. However, every cardholder will be obliged to go through the KYC procedure, and provide passport, recent proof of address and contact details.

What do I do after I have received my card?

You must complete the activation procedure before starting to use the card. There is nothing difficult because activation process occurs in real time so you will be able to use payment card right away.

What are the ways to load my card?

You can load your card directly from your SatchelPay account. Just simply choose option Top-up Your Card at your Client’s office, enter desired amount and confirm.

Where can I use my card?

Users can make transactions online or make regular signature-based purchases at any store, as you would do with any other bank card. You can also use your payment card for money withdrawal at any ATM worldwide.

How should I behave if I lose my card?

Different situations can occur in our life; therefore, our internal documents provide an algorithm of actions when loss or damage of payment means by customers take place.

If you have found that your payment card is missing, please immediately contact us by calling +370 5214 1818 and report loss or theft. We will instantly cancel and reissue this card, and ship new one to the agreed location.