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SatchelPay Premium Plus

Multi-currency IBAN
for cross-border payments

Take advantage of a multi-currency IBAN with an ability to
send and receive money around the world in 25 most
widely used currencies. Both SEPA and SWIFT are available.

Expand your market geography with Unique European IBAN

Forget about the unnecessary paperwork, logistical issues and high expenses.

  • 25 currencies
  • 70 countries
  • 2.5+ billion

Benefits of Premium Plus

It is ideally suitable for trading companies, IT industry, eCommerce, payment card projects, that have customers around the world.

Payment without currency conversion

Your account will be credited with the same currency of the initial payment.

Low exchange

You may use the same IBAN for receiving and settling various currencies, using our competitive exchange rates.

Fast payment processing

Your payments will be processed much faster, than in most of the European banks.

No hidden

Save money and optimize your business expenses with our transparent pricing policy. Tailor-made fees for large business solutions.

Download the free brochure with use cases.

Find out how to benefit from the use
of a SatchelPay Multi-currency account.

25 currencies in one account

No need to visit 25 banks to open a separate account for each currency. You can have them all in your single multi-currency IBAN.


British pound

Swiss franc

Chinese yuan

Japanese yen

UAE dirham

Turkish lira

Israeli new shekel

Polish zloty

Hungarian forint

Danish krone

Swedish krona

Norwegian krone

Romanian leu

Croatian kuna

Czech koruna

Australian dollar

New Zealand dollar

Canadian dollar

Mexican peso

Hong Kong dollar

Singapore dollar

Russian ruble

South African rand

Saudi Riyal

Connect your IBAN to PayPal


Upgrade to SatchelPay Premium Plus and manage the funds of your clients coming from around the globe through a single account.

SatchelPay Premium Plus

starts from


  • Unique Luxembourg IBAN
  • 25 currencies supported
  • SEPA and SWIFT transfers