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Don’t make your customers wait longer

Take&Pay is an innovation in retail offline shopping, that will dramatically increase customer satisfaction and bring efficiency to your enterprise. Using our safe mobile payment solution your customers can now scan and pay for any goods themselves.

Take&Pay – Mobile Payment Solution

How long is your customer journey? How many clients can your cashier serve per day? And what about rush hours? How many clients walk away without a purchase?

What if you offer them a way to pay without queuing?

SatchelPay is introducing Take&Pay – a mobile payment solution that allows your customers to pay in seconds without waiting any queues. Your clients download your branded app, register a payment card and enjoy shopping without the queues.

Win-Win situation

  • Easily customisable with your actual system
  • No self-service hardware to install
  • Economy on card POS transactions
  • Increased customer satisfaction and efficiency in sales
  • Less staff needed
  • Free, simple and user-friendly app in any language, under your brand
  • No queueing
  • Instant purchases
  • Keeping a discount card inside the same app

Make Your Customers’ Journey Easy

Quick and simple
one-time registration

Take & Pay
on the go

Skip any

Track your shopping
basket live

Don’t have an app? We will provide you with one!
Get an offer for Take&Pay, as well as the mobile payment solution, within 1 business day.

How it works

Ideal for corporates cafes, self-service restaurants and stores

  • Enable line-busting
  • Get your mobile application on top
  • Link to your loyalty program and coupon redemption
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