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Becoming a FinTech within a month

SatchelPay offers European companies that wish to start their own FinTech business to go through a fast-track process and apply for a White label program. You will get access to all IT and payment infrastructure of one of the European FinTech leaders, completely rebranded with your design. Your company will have official authorisation to promote the financial services in 31 European countries.

No need to build your own FinTech. Go for a White label!

Starting your own FinTech company is not an easy task. The numerous obstacles and issues this process triggers will require significant time and effort, distracting you from the main goals of your business. However, we have developed a solution that will help you avoid potential problems. Below is a comparison chart that shows all the benefits of cooperation with SatchelPay as opposed to initiating your own FinTech company:

Creation of your own FinTech with minimum
package of services:

Time-frame: 2-3 years

  • License and capital (min. 350,000 EUR)
  • Compliance & legal department
  • IT department
  • Sales & Marketing department
  • Customer support department
  • Back-office department
  • Offices
  • Membership with SEPA and SWIFT
  • Membership with Card Issuers
  • Accounting & financial audit
  • Compliance audit
  • AML & anti-fraud systems
  • Development of back-office
  • Development of front-office (online & mobile banking)
  • Development of payment gateway and processing centre
  • Development of numerous APIs for connection to 3rd party service providers

White label from SatchelPay

Time-frame: 1-2 months

  • Sales & Marketing department

Upgrade your business to a FinTech leader.

White label from SatchelPay offers you the ability to concentrate on sales, rather than going through the licensing process, collect, train and maintain the staff, develop/purchase IT systems, and build the business from scratch.

SatchelPay has one of the most IT advanced eco-systems in the industry that is constantly being upgraded for higher security and functionality. We add new payment methods all the time to make our product unsurpassable by our competitors. All the newly appearing features will automatically become available to your clients.

Instant commissions with 50/50 split

Create commissions that should be charged from your clients. Your tailor-made tariffs will be programmed into the system and once a client is charged for any operation, the fee will be split 50/50 and you will receive your part instantly. Just sit back, and let us share our experience to improve your business!

White label package contains

E-invoicing system and payment gateway for card processing in your design

Programming of your tailor-made tariffs

Online banking in your design

Customisation of compliance approach and on-boarding procedure

Mobile banking (application for iOS and Android) with your name and design

Payment cards in your design

Integration of an API for instant IBAN generation for your clients